Company Profile

        Shenzhen GaoPing technology Co., Ltd. was established in bighorn cattle in July 2015, it is Shenzhen high-tech industry enterprises. The company has a number of top technical talent, since its inception, is committed to technological innovation, the current self-developed data recovery software has been released in October 2015. The future will continually have more new products available, your needs is our urgent inexhaustible power.
Corporate culture

Corporate culture

  • Vision: global well-known software companies;
  • Mission: to provide easy and practical software products;
  • Value: the interests of the people, cooperation and win-win;
  • Business: pay attention to user value, user experience;
  • Management: care for the growth of employees;

Fringe benefits

  • Provide work meals to employees;
  • Employee birthday celebration;
  • "Five social insurance and one housing fund" welfare;
  • The annual attendance award;
  • Diversification of training opportunities and corresponding career planning;
  • To the company to make outstanding contribution to the staff,the company willgive a substantial share of the original shares and dividends.
Fringe benefits


        We have a young, passionate, professional, United, high-quality workforce. Broad prospects for development, the growth of loose space, the management of human nature, waiting for more willing to actively work hard and the company grow together with the outstanding talents.

Job title Working place Release date Recruitment
Windows DE Shenzhen Baoan 2021-5-6 5
MacOs DE Shenzhen Baoan 2021-5-6 5
Internet Marketing Shenzhen Baoan 2021-5-6 3

Contact:Ms. Li
Tel: 0755-27380987
Address: 2003s8, building a, Xinghe century, No. 3069 CaiTian Road, Gangxia community, Futian street, Futian District, Shenzhen
Zip code: 518102

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Bighorn Cattle
Bighorn Cattle